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  2. Event material

  3. FI Campus riddles

  4. Event participants selecting fi-compass publications

  5. Event participant selecting fi-compass publications

  6. Event participants

  7. Event participants

  8. Networking

  9. Mr Alessandro Apa and event participants

    Mr Alessandro Apa, European Investment Bank

  10. Networking

  11. Networking

  12. Event overview

  13. Event participants

  14. Event participants

  15. Mr Jonathan Denness

    Mr Jonathan Denness, Head of Unit - Head of the Competence Centre Closure and Major Projects, Directorate-General for Regional and…

  16. Event participants during the roundtable

  17. Event participants during the roundtable

  18. Event participants during the roundtable

  19. Ms Miglena Dobreva

    Ms Miglena Dobreva, European Investment Bank

  20. Round table overview

  21. Case study and round table: EMFF financial instruments for fisheries and aquaculture (Estonia)

    Mr Madis Reinup, Member of the Board, Rural Development Foundation, Estonia, Mr Mart Undrest, Association of Estonian Fish Produce…