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  1. Case study presentation: financial instruments for urban development (Bulgaria)

  2. Voting tool

  3. Mr Alain Kauffmann

    Mr Alain Kauffmann, Financial Instruments Advisor, European Investment Bank

  4. Mr Robert Pernetta

    Mr Robert Pernetta, Financial Instruments Advisor, European Investment Bank

  5. Session overview

  6. Case study presentation: Financial instruments for low carbon (CAP TRI/London)

  7. Event participants

  8. Event participants

  9. Event participants

  10. Mr George Giakoumakis

    Mr George Giakoumakis, Mandate Relationship Manager, European Investment Fund

  11. Mr Jean-François Leprince

    Mr Jean-François Leprince, Financial Instruments – Western Europe, European Investment Bank

  12. Ms Emmanuelle Lacaille

    Ms Emmanuelle Lacaille, Banque Française Commerciale Océan Indien, France

  13. Mr Youssouf Cadjee and Mr Jean-Pierre Legras

    Mr Youssouf Cadjee, Chargé de mission – Ingénierie financière, Direction des Affaires Économiques, Region La Réunion, France, Mr…

  14. Questions and answers and peer to peer discussion

  15. Event overview

  16. Event participants

  17. Event participants

  18. Mr Frank Lee and Ms Oana Dordain

    Ms Oana Dordain, Policy Officer, Financial Instruments and Relations with International Financial Institutions Unit, DG REGIO, Eur…

  19. Event overview

  20. Opening of FI Campus Day 2

  21. Get-to-know sessions' materials